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Every day, thousands of consumers ask the banks and savings banks in our country about a loan. They submit the relevant applications and hope that they will be granted as soon as possible. In many cases, this wish can also be met, since the persons involved have a good credit rating, which justifies the borrowing.


In other cases, however, a rejection of the loan application must be made. The requirements of the borrowers are simply too bad, around which a smooth repayment of the borrowed money can take place. The banks therefore always opt for a bad credit rating for a rejection and can usually reasonably justify this decision.

But taking credit is not just about having good or bad credit. It is also about what kind of credit should be taken and how the payout should take place. Most borrowers opt for a payout on the account. Others prefer a cash payment.

What cash advance experience is there?

What cash advance experience is there?

A cash advance is therefore not necessarily standard with the banks and savings banks and is not always forgiven. Banks want the money from the loan always to be transferred to an account so they can see that the given account is working and they have a reference account for repayment.

Many cash advance experiences are therefore rather sobering, as the search for a suitable cash advance can be quite tedious. The easiest way to take this is still at your own house bank. The cash advance experience shows that the house bank does not insist so much on a transfer to an account, as it knows the account of the borrower and can use this automatically as a reference account.

According to cash credit experience, small loans are also much easier to borrow than cash advance loans than loans with a large loan amount. By contrast, consumer loans and other earmarked loans are not suitable as a cash advance at all. In these loans, the money is not paid at all, but flows directly into the purchase.

Our tip: If you are looking for a cash advance, you should first look around and check which bank really provides such a loan. You can not rely on advertising in this regard. Afterwards it should be considered, why a cash advance is required and if it would not be better to do without it. Because the bank always wants the indication of an account. No matter if you have the money transferred or not. So you could also use a conventional loan and withdraw the money after paying the account. This saves a lot of time in the search and sometimes also costs, as a cash advance gladly once has a higher effective interest rate than a conventional installment loan.


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